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Jun 28, 2009


ari y plg menakutkan lam idup ak spnjg dk kt intec nih..
boring gler!!
sume housemate ak da blk..
tggl ak sowg2 lam umah..
ditemani ngan maggi
roti gardenia...
all d things sacrifice diri semata-mata nk bg ak kenyang..
xda la kebulur dop sowg2...
ari ni..dri pg xmkn..
pg 2 ak m'bzkan diri kt komp lab akasia..
ntah papew ak bwat..juz nk ilang boring..
after Zohor,nek blk..almk!!xtaw nk bwat apew..
laz2 dgr lagu2 jiwang jer..
layan perasaan sowg2..\
ptg lg kronik..
ak lapar thp HCL nih..
decide nk bli air 'debak debuk'(air y kn msk syiling tuh) je la..
trus ak mskkan duit..
'xnmpak btg idung pon air nih'
alahai,mesin rosyak..naseb btoi..
lapar tahap cikan ni..terpksa gak tgg atin blk dlu..
laz2 smp gak..
atin blk kol 7,trus ajk p mkn..
ktowg mkn kt kedai dkt ngan restoren Al-Awwal..
perut ak terisi gak..
bayangkan ak bleh abehkan satu pinggan yg penuh gler ngan nasek!!
huhu..caya la..

1 bahagian mknn...
1 bahagian lak air.....
n 1 bahagian ag udara...
so,mknlah dgn sederhana jer..

Jun 27, 2009

jewels wif fruits!!umm..

buah oooo buah....


let's talk bout fruits in egpyt..

u know??

egypt country dat jewels n rich wif all kinds of fruits..


believe it..

kowg tgk ah sndr...

menarik?? tertarik??..jus kt buah kt egypt..

kaw2 ah jus ni..pekat..

erm..sapew xknl delima..

myk khasiat..petik jari jer kt cni..huhu

pokok ni xdpt dikenelpasti ah..

kurma kot..

ntah la..undefined..hehe

uish..merah menyala..

no komen..xtaw buah apew..

haaa...yg ni la buah..


ala,kowg wat research sndri la..xtaw gak..hehe

full wif fruit..kan da gtaw..

wau,myknyer buah..

xyah mkn nasek setaun pon xpew..

buah anggur itam..bak kata ustaz, mkn puas2..smp muak..huhu

hijau pon ad gak..petik n makan..


y ni lak..
hehe..sapew xknl??bkn kategori buah ek..
tp ulat buah..
eee..yeak!!geli..sajew nk bg kowg sume cuci mata..hehe
k la..2 jer y ak smpt carik n post..

jom pakat p mesir mkn buah..haha

Jun 26, 2009



pelik n aneh x tetiba ak leh p mesir..
papepown malaih ar nk cter...
bersyukur je la ngan apew y ad..
y ni gambo2 tk bg smgt cket nk p cairo..
xda la smp2 airport nanges2 cam sowg senior ni..huhu

lawa x dewan nih??klu nk taw,obama pernah bg speech kt cney..
xda la nk bgg ngat..huhu

haaa..2 pon dyer..cayer x??

peta lokasi cairo @ lebih femusyh ngan kaherah..

bas as one of the transport here..
alahai,ak ngan bus mmg xdapat dipisahkan kot..
dlu bus mini klang..
'msk dlm lg..msk dalm lg'..
antara dialog pk ck bus klang y mmg bersemadi lam idup ak nih..huhu

sajew amek gambo pk ck ni posing..huhu

ni la cairo u...
lawao x??
lawa la...xcayer??tgk btoi..even panas..
panas kt cni panas kering..
so,sapew2 y ske gler sports,
xda la bdn berbau ngat klu b'peluh..
jimat uang leh cut tk bli rexona..hehehe

erm..takat 2 jer kot..
n8,klu ad gambo2 egypt y mntk perhtn ak,
ak cbe postkan..

sorry miss..

english assignment..

miss,i really want to seek for apologise..
sometimes i was influenced with the 'rojak' language in posting my blog..
maybe not sometimes..but always..heheh
i will try to cope myself with this problem..
and my grammar..of course trouble..
but it is common situation for the doctors,right??
they did not care about the grammar in their studies anymore..
but,for you miss,i will try to improve my grammar..hehehe..

Jun 20, 2009

Trouble2..again and again

english assignment
it is compulsory 4 each overseas students to go for

the medical check up before they fly wherever they should go..

for the new students like me and atin,we had to go to 'klinik kesihatan uitm' ourselves..
for the first time,atin's dad drove..
we had to do so many things..urine test,blood test,n bla..bla..
and mantoux test is the trouble one..
fuih..could you imagine you have to allowed the nurse to insert the syringe really2 under your skin,your stratified epithelium cell..
what a painfull things...
the result for the mantoux test would be read on Sunday after 72 hours..
oh my Goodness!!klinik was closed at the weekend...
now,start the first problem.
but you know,we do some 'kompromi'with the nurse there..hehehe
she would come and helped us..yeah!!
emmm..we continued the mc..
the worst was we forgot to bring x-ray..
ush..2nd problem..really2 trouble..
by hook and crook,
we went back to the hostel..
with the 604 uitm bus...
after a little while,i was puzzling...
we still in uitm...
and noticed that we are just round for the same place!!
oh no!!
'stop uncle!stop!!'
now we know we have to take 603 uitm bus to go to seksyen 2..
what a waste of time...
so,we arrived at the hostel and went back at the'klinik uitm' after 2 o'clock..
with our x-ray..of course..
to add the worst,when i entered the doctor's room,''
i noticed that my mc booklet had changed with atin!!
the biggest problem..atin had already done with her mc..
my doctor's is very strict and 'cerewet'..
she chased me out
9with properly manner..) to settle down my foam..
i had to run and ask atin the foam..
i wish it would settle..
but,twist of luck..
there would another problem when i entered my doctor's room..
and i guess i had had more than 4 times..
out and in from that room..
tired and feel bored with the cruel situtions..
till last,the mc's foam settle..but still had a problem..
never mind,i can cope that another time..huhu..
'klinik uitm' like had a same charges with me..
cannot go near,
it will repel..huhu
i could relief now..
had freed from that troule!!yeah..

Jun 12, 2009

english assignment..


is it good to be A TREASURER??
keep wondering in my mind...huhuu
being trauma as a

would like to share the experiece of my friend..
the first time got this honourable job when she was ..
in standard six..
still young..i guess..
do not know whythe girl was so eager to take the risks...
at that time, she was a
for her class....
always kept the money at the school..
never brought themback..ahakS!
to keep the money at the class....
one day,the girl found out that the money had GONE!!oh no!!
feel trouble..
how the girl wanted to face everyone??
how she want to tell her teacher??
is this her fault or what??
oh,it's gonna be truly the end of the world...

NEVER MIND..she must face thetruth..
take a deep breath and told every
tom and jerry
(not remeber#@)
about that...
with the eyes full with the tiny crystal..
she crying herself..
the tears rolled on her
(medc term for cheek..huhu)

owh..what's a relief..the teacher promised to look for the
cruel and brutal thief..ahaks!!yeah!!
and her mother willing to replace the lost money..
thank god...

ermm.. mom make the solat hajat and
bring the water of the solat hajat at the school...
(haaa.,who's gonna be to be blame??)

all the standard six stiudents must drank the water..
but,three of them refuses to drink and run away of nowhere.. u think what i'm think now??
at night,they did not come to the night classes..
to be WORSE...
all the three boys involved in an ACCIDENT..

always show the truth and..
give the lesson to bad and cruel people..
no matter in long term or short term..

now,the girl live happily..
and still a little bit trauma to be a treasurer..i guess..
and become more careful in the future..ahaks..

Jun 3, 2009


akhirnya ak merdeka...
ny bknnya merdeka dri penjjh komunis,ke buku ke or watever it is..
but,it is all bout my driving test...
papepown,ble cter sal drive ni,ak excted thp HCL ble umi ak bg green light tk blaja keta..
n i got gud n nice cg,4 d 1st impression la..
tp,ni la owg ckp idup...
ingt cg ni ok la..
tp,hncus lebus tggpan ak..
mla2 blaja g da kn mare..
sapew xbengang??tp,ak paham...
cg nk kter cpt blaja n pandai..
xdop la dop men2...
tp..spnjg blaja stress gler!!
bkn ak sowg,kwn2 ak y blaja ngan cg ni pon cam 2 gak..

ni la cg keta,muka real dia xda cmni..huhu..
bek time xngaja but cm rimau ble da ngaja

dis is me..
d innoncence driving student..i guess

ni lak keta y slalu ak bwk..kt institut lamar bakti..

ak practce keta lam sbln...
onestly,prctice cm dlm 7/8 ari jer..rsenye la..
tp en,nseb bek ak xp uia..
klu x, kn amek test n8 blk cti..
adusy..tkt la..ble dop kt u,bz mmnjg jer..
so,ditkdrkan ak test jpj 2/6..hehehe..hooray!!
3,4 ari b4 test,owg len dtg tiap2 ari..
tp, 2 ckp nk ajr sehari jer sblm test..pew ni??
ak tny dia kot2 leh wat 2 ari kew??gubra kot..
1st time test nih..klu fail,mampuih..melayang ag 50 inggit..

kecewa toi ble dia xbg..nk ajr pg smp ptg dlm 1 ari 2..

so,ari b4 test ak p blaja mandu..
tup tap tup tap..
ak blk tgh ari gak..
ckp nk blk ptg...ush..biorlah..ak pon malaih..huhu

wookey..2/6..tarikh keramat..huhu..

i got no 20..
hope my lucky no..huhuuhu

sajew nk tnjk resit..

ri2,xyah ckp la..
adrenaline melimpah2 ke ldg gndm..opps..xda la smp ldg gndm..
thp maximum r heartbeat ak..dop dap..dop dap...
ak test bhgn 2 dlu..eveything goes smoothly..hehhe
then,ak p mandu kt jlan rayer..
ngan jpj pompuan...owg2 c2 ckp klu leh pompuan ssh nk pass...
kupit cket markah..huhu
abeh ar ak terpengaruh ngan kata2 2..hua55..takoot fail!!
tp,ak bwk cm byaser jer..bwat2 pro..hehhe
ad skl ak tersengaja bawak laju,jpj 2 tegur..
"dik bwk la slow cket..nk msk parit kew??"
ush..trus cover malu..
abeh test,ak jeling kt kertas 2..
haaa,12 markah jer??TIDAK!!..
ak tgk skl g,lor 17...hehehe...LULUS!!yeah!!

but MORAL OF D STORY,bknnya ak nk kutuk cg,ak taw menda ni conpem berlaku gak kt dak2 y len...y blaja mandu la..OF COURSE..huhu
semo menda y kter nk xsmstinya kter dpt ngan GAMPANG(senang-indon punyer bhs)
BUT,kter kn face onak n duri dlu..bru kter SUCCESS!!huhu..


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